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Kino Classics
Kino International was founded in 1977 as a theatrical distribution company specializing in classics and foreign language art films. Today Kino now boasts one of the most important film and video libraries of classic and contemporary world cinema titles — and has been honored by numerous critical accolades, including the prestigious Heritage Award from the National Society of Film Critics for its work in film preservation and the Library of Congress. Recent releases available for the international market include King: A Filmed Record...From Montgomery to Memphis, Buster Keaton's The General and D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation.

In its coverage of a 2006 retrospective of Kino's back catalog, The New York Times wrote:

“Movies without Kino International would be like parks without trees or museums without paintings. Founded in 1977 and as relevant as ever, this irreplaceable distribution company keeps one eye on the past, maintaining a rich catalogue of cinema touchstones, and one on the future, acquiring and releasing the classics of tomorrow.”


Under its new Redemption label, Kino Lorber is now offering for international licensing the classic horror films of Jean Rollin and other select cult classics on HD for international home video, television and digital. The Redemption Collection features the best of classic erotic horror films for international programming.


Alive Mind Cinema
The Alive Mind Cinema label specializes in docs related to Personal Transformation, Progressive Spirituality and Cultural Change. The films in the Alive Mind Cinema collection deliver the "aha" response of transformative experience, shaped at the hands of top-tier filmmakers such as Albert Maysles' collection of films about Christo and Jeanne Claude: The Gates, Umbrellas, Islands, Christo in Paris, Valley Curtain and Running Fence, Jonathan Miller's BBC produced The Atheism Tapes,  as well as the mish-mash punk-smash phenomena band Gogol Bordello Non-Stop.

"Alive Mind Cinema has gone and is continuing to go places where other labels aren’t, filling a niche that has sadly been underrepresented until now. Now it’s well-represented. At their best, this is what movies can do. It should become standard inspiration to those who want to do themselves what has been done here." — Movie Gazette Online